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~God give me work, till my life shall end And life, till my work is done. ~Epitaph of W.H.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy September 2012!

Good Saturday Morning! Can you believe it is the first of September, already!? Fall will soon be upon us, and I have SO much to do!

I think this past month of August was the BUSIEST of all the days of my entire life--seriously! It most certainly "kept me on my toes," in more ways than I'd planned, that's for sure!

Earlier in the month, we had family come for five days, from Iowa. It was such a blessing to see them after nearly 12 1/2 years!!! We truly had the time of our lives, and shared moments together, as family, that will stay with me (all of us, no doubt) for all the days of my life. I pray "next time" will not be cut so short, and never again *that* long in between seeing one another again. Parting ways, and having to get back to our "real lives" was most difficult, and painful, but having had the time together, after so many--too many-- years, was simply indescribable! ♥

Normally, we school through the summer, and it was about a week or two before family showed that I half-heartedly decided to let the kids have the remainder of the summer "off" to give them (and myself) a summer break. Personally, I've managed to start (and complete most) some projects around the house that I've been wanting to do for quite a while. I did some "purging" of a lot of unwanted/unneeded items around the house, painted/distressed/aged the dining table/chairs (photos to come *sometime* in the near future), did some home decor rearranging, painted shelves, "made purdies" here and there throughout the house, and probably some other *things* I can't even think of at the moment. 0.o

So, all in all, there was a LOT of projects going on, in between a GAZILLION "events" and happenings. There was the family visit, and our trip to the Space Needle in Seattle. There was my God son's first birthday party one day, the his baptism the next. There was (as always) my children, their friends--the entire neighborhood, it seemed, at times--in and out, all day long, every day. You should SEE my carpets!!! Oh MY! I'm not looking forward to finally tackling them for a GOOD cleaning... There were camping trips with friends and other adventures I can't even think of; youth group meetings, roller derby practices --ROLLERPALOOZA--, play-dates and other outings, oh my gosh! I don't know how "everyday life" even happened sometimes. Maybe it DIDN'T, always!? Well, it goes without saying, I'm sure --->I am truly looking forward to MUCH "down time."

The only rest I *did* TAKE (besides actually sleeping at bedtime) was my reading time. This summer, I read TEN novels, two of which were "Trilogy's," and those were just for my personal reading pleasure, and does not include passages from poetry/short story books, a biography, and science shorts--and another sci-fi/fantasy novel we've not yet finished, written by our neighbor/author friend--with the two youngest.

Though I could go "on and on" with all the other *things* that took place--just in the month of August, alone--but, I'll refrain. After all, this *is* the "Prim ~n~ Proper" blog, and I do have pictures to share, just a few, and they are not much, simply most recent snapshots from my booth down at the Exhibitor's Boutique. I never like to post a blog "empty-handed," you know. *wink*

So, with ALL that, I bid you a very happy (and "UNEVENTFUL"), relaxing, maybe even LAZY Labor Day Weekend! I pray your summer was SMASHING, and that, like me, you realize at the end of each day that you have much to be thankful for despite how CRAZY Life can get, and that you are surrounded by good friends and family that you love dearly, and whom love you right back. May your days be blessed, your sorrows taken by the wind, and your burdens and worries lifted on high.♥

~God Bless~

The following photos are (as described earlier) most recent "snapshots" of this and that that I've recently added to the booth.  Many are "Fab Finds" that I either left just "as is" (like the GIANT Vintage Turkey Serving Platter I picked up), and the rest are little projects that I "upcycled," painted, aged, etc.  Oh, and of course, I brought in a few Fall/Halloween handmades left over from 2011.  :) 

Enjoy and Thank You!



  1. Love the pictures, the blocks in the jarssuch a cute idea, might need to go get me some blocks, and the halloween cutting board might as well get me a cutting board while I'm buying the blocks ha thanks for sharing, Ps not sure if you know your word verification is on and most don't like to leave comments because its so hard to figure out the words

  2. Thanks a million, Tam! I found those blocks--and not even counting the ones I kept for myself--in a huge bag at GW for FIVE BUCKS a couple of months back. ;)

    I appreciate the tip. I had NO IDEA! Think I'll take care of that right now. :)



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