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Friday, October 7, 2011

A Special Request from "Mrs. Smith"

I was very honored to have received a very special request from a lovely Bride-To-Be this past week.  

Never in a million years would I have imagined someone seeing one of my candles and thinking, "That's what I want for my wedding day!"  But, alas! you just never know who will look at something you've created and see something altogether "perfect" and quite differently from how you might look at that same thing yourself.  

Life is full of little surprises, and so often we are scarcely (if at all) aware of the hope we bring someone else who admires some "little thing" we have done.  And what's more is the absolute joy we are capable of giving to others when we are willing to have faith in ourselves enough to tackle some task in order to accommodate a small request to make that someone's day.

That happened to me today.  I made someone's day by doing something for them that I feared I'd not be able to accomplish successfully.  Setting my fears and anxieties aside, I set out to do the best I knew how in order to fulfill a most humbling request.  In return, my day was made by this very sweet, overjoyed and extremely gracious soul after I emailed photos of the finished project: A Prim/Grubby Unity Candle Set for the upcoming wedding day of soon to be, "Mrs. Smith".

I did my best to come up with just what she had requested, and I'm happy to say that all my frettin' and worryin' was for naught.  *wink*

She LOVED her Unity Candles, and I was beyond grateful she did.

Congratulations on Your Wedding Day, Mrs. Smith.  

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