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~God give me work, till my life shall end And life, till my work is done. ~Epitaph of W.H.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Fresh Picked Carrots"

Oh, I am SO EXCITED to share my latest creation.  Of course, it wasn't exactly *my* idea, but I made them all myself from a great lil' tutorial I found over at C & C Furnishings (thanks so much, Christina!)  :)  

I actually have some of the "pine" greenery Christina used (purchased over the holidays at the Dollar Tree), but they were put away in my Christmas crafting container WAAY up on a shelf in the garage, and I was too lazy to pull it down, so I decided to put my own "twist" on things, and used green Spanish moss instead.  ...that's how I kept envisioning them...  and I LOVE how they came out!  What do ya think?

Here are my "Fresh Picked Carrots" straight from the garden, er, uh, ole' craftin' table.  *wink*

*once again, please forgive my using SO many photos (only 24!)...  I couldn't help myself-I'm naturally indecisive that way*

 Photos from here (just below), down were taken with my dining light on-No matter what the lighting, though, I couldn't seem to get "true color" on the moss, but overall, it's pretty darn close.  :)

And that is all, for now!  It's time to clean up my moss mess all over the table and floor, and get some real work done around this house.  Supposed to be a beautiful day, and I can finally see the sun trying desperately to break through.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time, have a beautiful day and blessed weekend!


Friday, April 29, 2011


TGIF, Everyone!  And you know what that means -well, what that usually means- It's FAB FINDS Friday!
I didn't get a chance to pick up much this past week, but I did manage to snag up a few really great finds!  ...and here they are!  :D

 I found all five of these great pieces in one bargain hunt, and was so tickled with wood piece especially.

 I think that is a citronella candle inside this mini watering can, but not sure since part of the label is missing on the bottom.  But, the original price tag is still there ($8.99), and this was a steal at only 50 cents!
 I fell in love with these green metal candle holders, and got lucky to find the two.  I found the one, and grabbed it up, and ran across the other a bit later...  A pair!  Not really sure I want to give these up...I may keep them.  We'll see!  *wink*
This three-tiered taper holder didn't come with the candles, but since it's sitting on my dining room table -for now- I thought I'd throw some candles in there!  Whether I sell it or keep it, I intend to grubby these tapers up so they're all nice and prim sitting in their new home.  :)

Okay, them's my FAB FINDS for this week!  What did you find?  I can't wait to see!  :D


Thursday, April 28, 2011


Good Morning, and Happy Thursday to all my Prim lovin' friends out there!

As you may have noticed, it's been a few days since I've posted, as I've been preoccupied lately with some personal matters.  Due to some recent changes & events, The Prim ~n~ Proper Shoppe has embarked on a "new beginning."  I hope you will continue to join me in this new season of my life as I learn, grow, and reach for my dreams.

On a more "crafty" note, I am "making my comeback" and truly ready to get back to the craftin' table!  :D  I began working on some Prim Carrots several days ago, and am hoping to have those finished up and ready for pics very soon, so STAY TUNED! 
Also, I was unable to post for "FAB FINDS Friday" this last time around, but have no fear!  You know what tomorrow is...  Friday!  FAB FINDS Friday, that is!  *wink*

Until then, thanks so much, once again, for taking the time!  See ya soon!  Make today a GREAT day!  :)

~Morgan ♥

Monday, April 18, 2011

Only Five Shopping Days Left...

...'til Easter, and we just made it in to the shoppe in time to get our new Chocolate Bunnies in!  Yay!  

We also made up a few lil' yellow grubby chicks, and plenty more rag eggs!  This will be our third batch of rag eggs.  I sure hope they go as quickly as the first two batches!  I hope to "perfect" the chicks in the near future.  This was our first try at both the bunnies and chicks, and I think we're both purdy happy with the way they turned out, even if the chicks do remind me more of "Rubby Duckies" than Prim Chicks.  Oh well!  They're still darn cute!

Among the above mentioned, we also made up a variety of painted "mini eggs," and placed them in tiny little baskets, and even tried our hand at some "Nest Jars."  These were very simple projects, but the end results were fantastic!  Oh, and I cannot forget probably our most favorite of all the projects, the grungy eggs cartons, each with a dozen rag eggs, some "prim grass," all topped off with a grubby rag bow.  The best thing about these egg crafts is that they can be displayed year round -not just for Spring or Easter.  :D

So, on with the photos, shall we?  We are so excited to share!  :)
(*Once again, please excuse...there are A LOT of pics*)


And here are a few of the shots we got at the Shoppe.

'Tis now time for dinner, so off I go!  Have a great night, and we'll be seein' ya again real soon!