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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Frosted -Dollar Tree- Rattan Christmas Ornies

Good Mornin', Prim Friends!  I hope everyone's been having a most wonderful week so far!

I'm here to share some adorable Ornies that I finished up Monday morning.  They are SO simple, but I absolutely LOVE them!  You just won't believe how very simple they were!  I purchased several packages of both the large and smaller sized balls.  They started out like this: 

Photo found online under images as I forget to get "before" pics.

I didn't have time to get photos of them all before getting them down to the Shoppe, but here they are as the finished ornies on my lil' Prim Christmas Tree in my booth:

It's somewhat of a bummer that you can't really tell from the pics how sparkly they are, but I hope you can imagine them.  I will definitely be making MANY more of these for my own tree this year!  hehe  

For these, I simply dipped them into my chocolate-y/cinnamon-spice-y grubby prim solution, then dried them in the oven for a short bit.  Afterwards, I added the homespun strips to the larger balls and plain ole' twine to the smaller ones for hangers, with the intention of these being hung from the Christmas Tree.  :)  Finally, I lightly coated them with spray glue, before rolling them in glass glitter/diamond dust.  They are truly adorable in person!  I so wish the photos exuded how much so!

Well, that's it for right now.  I hope to return again soon!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Goodies for 2011- Part 1

Alrighty everyone, I am back... and I'm tired after a late supper, so this will be fairly quick (with probably too many photos - as usual), but I'm just stopping long enough to share, I hope you won't mind.

Okay, so here are the EXTREMELY Dirty/Grubby Snowman Head Ornies/Bowl Fillers I finished up today-FINALLY!  lol  I want to make more that are not so dirty for those with "cleaner taste."  *giggle*

*These are inspired by a Pattern from "My Primitive Salt Box," which I ended up purchasing the pattern for after already having begun making these several weeks ago.  I was hoping for details on stitching the faces, but turned out there were not details in the pattern instructions, so I just "wung it."  lol  NOTHING bad to say about My Primitive Salt Box, just to make that clear.  Her directions were well-written, and I absolutely love everything about her site!  :)

Next up are some [Stiff]Gingerbread Men Ornies I made up from a FREE Pattern I snagged up a long time ago from The Olde Country Cupboard.  I LOVE these guys, and trust me, the pictures do them NO justice!  hehe

These gingers here are from the same pattern as above, and were my "Happy Accidents."  LOL  Instead of sewing them fabric on fabric with batting on the bottom layer (as per instructions), etc., I got ahead of myself, sewed fabric on top and bottom, with batting in the middle, then when turning time came, I realized I'd made a boo-boo!  So, I left them the way they were (it would've been a nightmare to "undo" it all) and decided to work with it.  They came out very cute, and beings they were initially a "mistake," I only made one set.  I think I should make more, for sure.  :)

Here are a couple of plastic coated wire baskets I decorated up with some simple bows and pip berries and filled with "snowballs."  CUTE!  

Here are a couple of "experimental" (and again EXTREME) Dirty/Grubby Snowmen.  They are made from smaller sized soda bottles.  BEWARE!  These guys truly are "Dirty Ole' Snowmen!"  I'd say they definitely look like they've been rolling around in some muddy slush!  LOL

Finally, here are some Electric Grubby Prim Christmas Lites I made.  This was also my first attempt at grubby silicone bulbs that I dipped.  They're not perfect by any means, but I am pretty pleased with how they turned out, considering they were my "firsts."  :)

So, there ya have it... a few Christmas goodies heading down to the Shoppe in the next day or two.  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time!

~Blessings To You~

Here I Am! Here I Am!

Holy Moly!  I just can't believe how long it's been since I've been in here to post-wow!  Sorry I've been "away" for so long!  Just the "norm" going on... ya know, LIFE and all.  *wink*

With that said, looks like some "rearranging" is in order.  Halloween is OVER and can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!?  We all know what that means... CHRISTMASTIME IS ALMOST HERE!!!

Well, I just can't stand it any longer.  I MUST change up the theme around here and find me a nice lil' Christmas Countdown Clock for the new scenery.  :)  
I have pictures uploading (as I type) to Picasa, so be on the look-out!  I'll return shortly to share some new Prim Christmas Goodies with yas before getting supper started!  

*afterthought* ~ I decided to go with my previous Fall background and a Thanksgiving Countdown Clock for now.  It just made sense.  ;)

See ya soon!