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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Frosted -Dollar Tree- Rattan Christmas Ornies

Good Mornin', Prim Friends!  I hope everyone's been having a most wonderful week so far!

I'm here to share some adorable Ornies that I finished up Monday morning.  They are SO simple, but I absolutely LOVE them!  You just won't believe how very simple they were!  I purchased several packages of both the large and smaller sized balls.  They started out like this: 

Photo found online under images as I forget to get "before" pics.

I didn't have time to get photos of them all before getting them down to the Shoppe, but here they are as the finished ornies on my lil' Prim Christmas Tree in my booth:

It's somewhat of a bummer that you can't really tell from the pics how sparkly they are, but I hope you can imagine them.  I will definitely be making MANY more of these for my own tree this year!  hehe  

For these, I simply dipped them into my chocolate-y/cinnamon-spice-y grubby prim solution, then dried them in the oven for a short bit.  Afterwards, I added the homespun strips to the larger balls and plain ole' twine to the smaller ones for hangers, with the intention of these being hung from the Christmas Tree.  :)  Finally, I lightly coated them with spray glue, before rolling them in glass glitter/diamond dust.  They are truly adorable in person!  I so wish the photos exuded how much so!

Well, that's it for right now.  I hope to return again soon!



  1. Simply beautiful Morgan! And the photos most definitely DO exude adorableNESS!! xoxo ~ Annie

  2. Annie, you are always just the sweetest! Thank you, friend. You make me smile. :)

    Snuggly Hugs,
    ~Morgan ♥


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