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Friday, January 20, 2012

PIT STOP! Sharing Finished Magents...

Good afternoon friends! 

Much has been going on in my world, so this is going to be a fairly quick post.  I am on a mission to share these photos with you BEFORE the power goes out again.  I've no crystal ball or anything, BUT with the weather, and two power outages over the past two days (or has it been three?), it certainly wouldn't surprise me! 

To find out more about all that, you can visit The Prim ~n~ Proper Shoppe's facebook page, if you get a moment and are feelin' froggy!  ;)

I pray everyone has been safe, sound, and warm!  For all of you dealing with severe winter weather conditions, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  ♥  

Here are the Valentines Magnets I was able to finish up.  Photos show this years "new version" and also some from last year, so you could "compare."  This year, I used brown paper sacks for the background.  I crinkled it all up, laid it flat, stamped it all up with a "Be Mine" stamp, then added all the "sentiments."  I'm also including some others in celebration of Christ's Resurrection.  They are made from children's stickers I picked up at the Dollar Tree last summer.  I really love them, but had a hard time capturing them on camera.  I suppose it may have helped if I'd have wiped them down first...  they still have mod podge spots on them -oops!  ANYWAY- When I get some more made up, hopefully I can get some better pics for you.  :)  

Okay, here goes...

Valentines Magnets

This year's version.


These are leftovers from last year.  No "stamping" on the brown background, and I can't recall what kind of paper background it was, but it wasn't from brown paper sacks.


All of them "mixed" together.

Christ's Resurrection Magnets

Okay, back to Life!  Thanks for having a looky-loo, and have a FANTASTIC weekend!

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