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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentines Hearts Salt-Dough Ornies ~Part One~

Sure hope they'll be a "Part Two" to this!  LOL  Say a lil' prayer! Valentines Salt Dough Ornies are now in the oven thanks to Tina over at Tattered Sisters Primitives!   Tina shared a tutorial yesterday for Primitive Hearts Dough Ornies, and though it was something already "in the plans" for me, she inspired me to get up and JUST DEWIT!  Thanks, Tina!  :D

I do have a "vision" so I sure hope they come out okay!
*fingers crossed*

I just used a simple salt-dough recipe, and kneaded in regular ole' red food coloring to this batch, but Tina's Primitive Dough Recipe sounds YUMMY!   I can't wait to try it!  :) 

Next, I think I will try my hand at some more [faux] "Frosted Sugar Cookies" that I did make last year, but never shared, as I never made enough to take down to the shoppe... and they were simply an "experiment."  After pulling them out a few days ago, I loved them so much (don't know WHY I didn't make more last year!?) I decided to definitely do some up for sell this time around.  When they're finished, I'll surely share!  ;) 

Happy Day!

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