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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Decoupage, Dry & Dip... New Spring Eggs

Good Tuesday Morning, Prim Friends!!! 

I spent my weekend coming up with a new batch of Spring Eggs, and I am here to share the finished results with ya!  

The original plan was to make a bunch more rag eggs (as they are getting very low in my booth), but I had a strong "hankering" to try my hand at decoupaging.  So, I dragged hubby with me to a couple of Goodwill stores in hopes of finding an old dictionary I'd not faint at the thought of tearing apart for my envisioned project.  I'm a lover of [old] books, and have a small collection; the thought of tearing the pages out of any of them -or any other book, no matter it's age- practically makes me "woosy."  

*Back to my story*

It wasn't until we reached the 2nd GW that I had any sort of luck.  I remember a time when Dictionaries and Encyclopedias filled the shelves of second-hand stores (and I've picked up a couple here and there), but wouldn't ya know it!, just as soon as you actually want one for any purpose other than educational or simple display, they're nowhere to be found!  Luckily, just as I'd given up hope, and was ready to hit the next bargain store, hubby spotted just two or three dictionaries on an end-cap.  None of them were particularly anything like what I was really hoping to find, but one of the books was rather large, and had the almost tissue paper-type pages I was on the hunt for.  I had also hoped for "yellowed" pages, but I could do that myself, not to mention the fact that if I'd found a nice OLD dictionary with such pages, I may very well have bought it to... set upon a shelf and admire?  Yeah, if I was being honest with myself, that's EXACTLY what would happen!  So, I thought: "I best take this one!"  It was also from 1993, which in my mind's eye was NOT a "good" year, so I'd have no problem destroying it from within!  *hehe*  Besides, I really didn't want to run around too long; I had plans, and wanted to get to crafting!!!

Other than having to find a dictionary that would "do," I also decided to hit the DT (dollar tree) at one point to grab a variety of tissue papers that I could also use in my first-time decoupaging spree!


Here are the end results:

 These last two photos are of a some "less than perfect" eggs, so I used them to make a "for keeps" bag for myself... and also made up one for my bestie, Miranda.  I forgot to get a photo of hers, so I'll have to be sure to do so at some point.  :)

Well, there is my weekend project of 4 dozen decoupaged, dried, and [wax] dipped Spring Eggs for ya!  I hope you enjoyed the share!  I shall return very soon with other goodies to show off!  Until then, I wish you a REMARKABLE remaining week!



  1. Love them gURL, they are fan-flippin' tastic & perfectly prim!

  2. Why, "Tanked Chu, gURL!" :D I do really like them, myself. Okay, all modesty aside, I LOVE them, too! *giggle* ;)

  3. Adorable Morgan! I am right there with you on being a book lover. I have seen all these wonderful things on Pinterest made out of old books and I just can't bring myself to rip out a page or cut a binder off a book... eek! That hurts my heart to even think about!! But I do love your eggs, they turned out wonderful. The wax really gives them the old look. I am going to be on the lookout this garage sale season for some old books to craft with, I just hope I can cut them up.

    Have a wonderful weekend~

  4. Oh, Angie, we are definitely on the same page when it comes to those GLORIOUS BOOKS! *hehe* I wish you many great finds in your old book hunt, for sure! :) Thanks so much for your comment on the eggs. They were loads of fun to make, I just hope others will love them as much as we do... enough to buy them! LOL

    Happy Saturday to you!



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