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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Pin Cushions & Bringing In the Spring!

Hello there! Once again, I don't have a whole lot of time, so this will be a rather quick post. I hope everyone has been well. I've been my usual busy self, and it seems I've had a slight fever over the past couple of days --- SPRING FEVER, THAT IS! *giggle* 

Yes, I have been a crafty gal since the weekend, crafting at every "open opportunity," and thought I'd swing by here and share a few things that are actually finished.  :D

First of all, I did three more pin cushions since the last one.  These last three are much improved from the first, as they are all a lot "firmer" in the cushy part!  If only I could say the same for my own "cushy part!"  LOL!!!  Sorry, couldn't help myself - I thought it was funny!  :P

Okay, so I said this would be rather quick, so here we go...  Have a looky at Pincushion 2, 3, and 4!  *wink*

My MOST FAVORITE of all the pin cushions!

Aren't they cute!?  *hehe*  I love them!  :D

Now, here are some other things - Spring Things- that I've finished and taken down to the Shoppe.  

~Grubby/Grungy Jars with Spring floral sprigs and yellow pip berries~

A Spring Gift Basket with Grubby Heart Pillow Tuck, Grubby mini-pillar candle, a mini-grapevine wreath, mini-pantry cake, and a sprig of yellow pip berries!  *This one is SO LOVELY in person, I also kept if for myself, I loved it SO much!*

Another "Gift Basket" filled with 5 mini grubby votives, some sprigs of greenery, and a small ditty bag tuck, accented with a sprig of yellow pip berries.  :)

Then, I took down some Grubby Chicks and Dirty Chocolate Bunnies that didn't do so well last year, because they didn't make it in the booth until quite later than they should've, I think.  Hopefully, after getting another grungy bath and "freshening up," they'll do well this time around.  :)

Here are the Grubby Chicks in their new home, an adorable blue wooden basket...

...and here is a snapshot of the Dirty Chocolate Bunnies in my booth...
*didn't think to take a close-up of them*  DOH!

Okey dokey!  I am off again until next time!

Have a wonderful evening... and thanks so much for stopping by!


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