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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Last of the Valentines Goodies for 2012

Good Saturday evening, Prim Friends! I hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying it to the fullest! :)  I imagine many of you are excited about the BIG Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow.  I'm not so much into the whole Super Bowl scene, so I'll be busy doing other things, but wish you each a fab "game day" and here's to your favorite team!  :D

Well, I've come in the middle of making supper again, so I'll have to keep this "short & sweet."  These are the last of the Valentines Goodies for this year.  Starting tomorrow, I'll be moving on to "Everyday Prims" and planning for the next Holiday, as well.

The first photos are of those Valentines Rag Ball Baskets I showed you in the last post.  At the time, they weren't complete, and though I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do to "finish them off," I did manage to come up with something I was happy with.  Here they are : 

*Don't forget to "click the pic" to enlarge*

Next up, I have three vintage decanters that I decked out all "In the Name of L♥ve."  *giggle*  These are filled with pink tinted epsom salts and silver glitter.  The heart picks and cupid labels are dipped/brushed in the same epsom salt/glitter mix.  I've had these decanters for years, and finally decided to let someone else enjoy them... I hope *someone* will, anyway.  :)

"Rear View"

And finally, for the last of the Valentines crafts, here are two recycled olive jars I "transformed."  I stuffed them with pink crinkled raffia, added a couple of vintage Valentine images as labels, tied off with a strip of scrap fabric, then diamond dusted everything all up!

And, once again, that's all for now!

As always, thank you so, so much for stopping by!



  1. Hi, Everything came out so cute! Love it all especially the rag balls. Beautiful.
    Have a great weekend. Stop by for a visit soon.

  2. Michelle, thank you for the kind comment, I so appreciate the smile you've brought me. :) I intend to work on many more rag balls (of all shades)later today, as they are running very, very low at the shoppe. ;)

    I wish you a great day, and will be sure to stop by just as soon as my remaining "duckies" are all "in a row." lol


  3. Hi girl! It all looks so cute.. Love the rag balls.. I always love your creations though!! Hugs, Tina

  4. I always love yours, Tina! Thank you, my friend! :D Hope your day is going SUPER WUNDERBAR! ~Me♥ ;)


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