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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sharing A Few Finished Pieces

Good Monday evening, all! 

I'm here to "drop off" a few photos for ya!

I've been working on some [wood] pieces here at home that I was able to get finished up this weekend, and do have more that are "in the making," and even more pieces to come!

As I've not been "in the mood" for sewing in quite a while (I think it's a time-issue thing, really), I got to looking through all my STUFF, and was reminded of just how much I actually have to work with!  There are quite a few wood findings (among other things) that have been stashed in boxes, here and there, for a very long time, and I decided it was probably about time I start making something of it all, get it down to the Shoppe, and make more room... for MORE STUFF, of course!  =D   Oh, I jest, a little bit, anyway.  *wink*  LOL  

Tonight, I am sharing a couple of VERY LARGE wooden bowls/plates that my BFF passed on to me.  They were plain natural wood on the front sides, with a beige/tan coat of paint on the backs.  I envisioned them Americana pieces, very similar to some nesting boxes I did a while back.  They came out exactly as I'd planned!  

*please excuse the fingerprints on the smaller navy blue/star plate in the photos.  They weren't quite dry yet, but the fingerprints do wipe right off... I just hadn't done it before I took the pics - OOPS!*

And, of course, I took no "before" shots - DOUBLE OOPS!  >.<
These pieces were "aged" with a walnut minwax, however it's not as obvious in the photos as is in person.  In other words, the star and other white areas are actually more tan.

This next piece is one of those "Fab Finds" I had sitting on a shelf in the garage for I don't know how long!  lol  It was originally a neat little wooden box with hinged lid that had been painted solid RED!  I sanded it down, painted black over red, sanded, distressed, aged, and then added this old Clorox ad label I'd found online (which I also aged pretty heavily).

I simply LOVE how this turned out, and it was a bit difficult to part with...

Next is a plain ole' wooden candle holder, but I love it!  It's painted a nutmeg color, sanded, and "aged" with walnut minwax.

 Of course, I put it among some grubby tapers and votives.  :)

And the last piece I'll share tonight is this "recycled" game board (another "Fab Find" from long, long ago) that I transformed a bit and again, "aged" for a more prim feel!

Tomorrow, I will return with a some other "findings" that I took down today.

Have a wonderful evening!


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