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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fab Finds ~ Baskets and Such

Hello, again! I know I'm a full day late, but nothing EVER goes as planned, and what really matters is, I'm here now, right? 

This will be a real quick post, and is actually a "continuation" of my last.  Last time I shared some wooden pieces that I finished up and took down to the Shoppe, and now here are the really great baskets I picked up during my last "Fab Finds" hunt that are now in my booth. 

This black basket was given to me by BFF.  It was a pale blue-ish/green color, and was really great "as is," but I thought it would look nice in a flat black.

This next basket was EXTREMELY HARD to part with, but I sucked it up, and "handed it over" to my booth.  lol

 Isn't it GREAT!?  It reminds me of a basket I'd take out into a field of flowers to fill up and carry home!  I guess the photos do this one no justice.  I just love it!

These next two are also super!  I especially LOVE round two-handled basket on the right here.
This last one is much smaller than the others, but would make an adorable shelf sitter, or a nice table piece filled with little prim pantry cakes or "fixin's."  As soon as I saw it, I snagged it up!  It's another really cute one!

That's it for the baskets --by the way, EVERY TIME I say, "Basket(s)" now, I think of Sharon Peacham, a character from GCB.  For anyone out there who knows what I'm talking about -- isn't she the CUTEST!?)  LOL--

Anyway, there are only a couple of things left to show you for tonight.  

I found THESE distressed wall sconces!  Aren't these FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!?  (Yes, another find I gave up ...reluctantly.  Very reluctantly).

I placed a couple of my lil' grubbies on one, afterall! someone will need them for the sconces once they get them home, right!?  *wink*

And finally, there's the sage-y- green taper holders I recently showed you.  At the time, I'd placed frosted glass globes over them, and they were so cool looking as candle "lanterns."  Well, I think I told ya about my lovely daughter breaking one of them as we were loading up the truck to take them (and some other goodies) down to the Shoppe.  Oopsies!  

Oh well, I decided to give up the idea after not finding any other globes that would fit, and just placed these cream colored tapers into them.  I have to say, they are still GREAT just as they are, and again, they were something I would've loved to have kept, but ...I was a good girl and let them go.  *hehe*

Well, that's all, folks!  And it was a not-so-quick post, afterall, was it?  LOL

Sweet Dreams, and Goodnight!

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