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~God give me work, till my life shall end And life, till my work is done. ~Epitaph of W.H.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentines Hearts Salt-Dough Ornies (and more) ~Part Two~

Good eve'nin' everyone! 

Here are a few of the Valentines Day things I've been working on over the past couple of days, and I wanted to be sure to share with you, as I'm not sure when I'll make it back this week.  In case you didn't know, a close friend of mine is finally going to give birth to her baby girl tomorrow (we are going in to have her labor induced tomorrow morning, sometime), and I am her "coach'" as her hubby is working out of the country.  Her other children will be staying with us until she returns home from the hospital.

And on to the share...

The baskets of rag balls are incomplete, as I am going to add a few finishing touches to them, but just haven't had time yet today.  I will be sure to get a couple of pics of those when they are complete, though.

Hope everyone is having a FAB new week, thus far.  

Here's what's ready for the shoppe...

These Valentines Heart Salt-Dough Ornies are the end product of the photos I shared in my last post...

These are packaged Faux Valentines "Sugar Cookies"...
Aren't they cute?!  I love them!!!

Plain and simple spiced-dough ornies (with sentiments) that I made last year, and finally decided to do something with...

I even tried my hand at some handmade gift tags for the first time.  I made just six of each (white/red and stained/black) just to see if they might do well... we shall see.  I love these, too!  :)

 Well, that's about it!  Thanks so much for stopping by!

See ya soon!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentines Hearts Salt-Dough Ornies ~Part One~

Sure hope they'll be a "Part Two" to this!  LOL  Say a lil' prayer! Valentines Salt Dough Ornies are now in the oven thanks to Tina over at Tattered Sisters Primitives!   Tina shared a tutorial yesterday for Primitive Hearts Dough Ornies, and though it was something already "in the plans" for me, she inspired me to get up and JUST DEWIT!  Thanks, Tina!  :D

I do have a "vision" so I sure hope they come out okay!
*fingers crossed*

I just used a simple salt-dough recipe, and kneaded in regular ole' red food coloring to this batch, but Tina's Primitive Dough Recipe sounds YUMMY!   I can't wait to try it!  :) 

Next, I think I will try my hand at some more [faux] "Frosted Sugar Cookies" that I did make last year, but never shared, as I never made enough to take down to the shoppe... and they were simply an "experiment."  After pulling them out a few days ago, I loved them so much (don't know WHY I didn't make more last year!?) I decided to definitely do some up for sell this time around.  When they're finished, I'll surely share!  ;) 

Happy Day!

Friday, January 20, 2012

PIT STOP! Sharing Finished Magents...

Good afternoon friends! 

Much has been going on in my world, so this is going to be a fairly quick post.  I am on a mission to share these photos with you BEFORE the power goes out again.  I've no crystal ball or anything, BUT with the weather, and two power outages over the past two days (or has it been three?), it certainly wouldn't surprise me! 

To find out more about all that, you can visit The Prim ~n~ Proper Shoppe's facebook page, if you get a moment and are feelin' froggy!  ;)

I pray everyone has been safe, sound, and warm!  For all of you dealing with severe winter weather conditions, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  ♥  

Here are the Valentines Magnets I was able to finish up.  Photos show this years "new version" and also some from last year, so you could "compare."  This year, I used brown paper sacks for the background.  I crinkled it all up, laid it flat, stamped it all up with a "Be Mine" stamp, then added all the "sentiments."  I'm also including some others in celebration of Christ's Resurrection.  They are made from children's stickers I picked up at the Dollar Tree last summer.  I really love them, but had a hard time capturing them on camera.  I suppose it may have helped if I'd have wiped them down first...  they still have mod podge spots on them -oops!  ANYWAY- When I get some more made up, hopefully I can get some better pics for you.  :)  

Okay, here goes...

Valentines Magnets

This year's version.


These are leftovers from last year.  No "stamping" on the brown background, and I can't recall what kind of paper background it was, but it wasn't from brown paper sacks.


All of them "mixed" together.

Christ's Resurrection Magnets

Okay, back to Life!  Thanks for having a looky-loo, and have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just "A Note" I Thought I'd Share...

I just finished posting the following note over on my P ~n~ P facebook page, and thought it was a good idea to copy/share here... it's sort of an "FYI" for the lack of a better term.  Thanks much for taking the time to "take note" when you have a moment.  :)

Dear Prim Friends,

I have been asked on several occasions if my items are for sale online and whether or not I will ship to such ~n~ such place, so I thought I should address the matter in a note, so that I may explain my position in hopes that you will understand why it is my great regret to inform you that I have chosen *not* to do so, at this particular time in my "Prim ~n~ Proper Shoppe" journey.  :)

The following is an "excerpt" of my recent response to one prim friend who had inquired about purchasing my items online, and my answer for everyone who has asked, and who may express such an interest in the future:

"Thank you so much for your comment and inquiry regarding my items, I so appreciate it! :D At the moment, I am only selling through my booth at The Exhibitors Boutique and Trellis Cafe, however it is my strong desire to sell online ...eventually. At this point in time, it'd be very difficult for me to do so, though I've pondered the idea intently, and often! :D Though I am a Stay-At-Home-Mommy (and Wifey), we are also a *Homeschooling* family. My eldest girl will be graduating this new year, then I have a 15 yr. old son, and two younger ones (boy and girl) that need much more of my time in the learning dept (as they *are* so much younger), which doesn't allow me as much extra time as I'd sometimes like to sit and craft. ;) Anyway, I do appreciate your asking, and look forward to being able to provide all my followers with the option to purchase my items in the future. :) Thanks so much for your understanding... and patience..."

What I did not mention in my reply is that with so much going on in our world, it is sometimes "by the skin of my teeth" that I get new items done in time for each changing season and upcoming Holiday(s).   LOL  These items are taken down to my booth at the Exhibitors Boutique & Trellis Cafe almost immediately upon completion.  At that point, it is time to start thinking about the NEXT project/season/holiday so that I may keep the booth "fresh and new" and current with the time of year.  ;) 

Another *side note* is that I have also recently taken on the task of Administrator/Photographer/"Host" for the Exhibitors facebook page, which has been a lot of fun, but is something I must stay on top of, as well.  Though it is a fairly "laid back" and simple responsibility, it is yet another project that does require more of my time, giving me even less "free time" [better put, "craft time"] than I had before accepting the wonderful offer.  ;)

So, as you can see, I have a pretty full plate at this time in my Wonderful (yet pretty busy) Life.  It is my prayer that all of you, my Prim Friends here (as well as over at my blog), will continue to follow, "Like," and remain fans of The Prim ~n~ Proper Shoppe.  :)  Your being here makes my every day, and your very kind comments over my crafts, postings and shares bring a smile to my face every single time!  You are all SO appreciated, and I hope you know just how much.  ♥ 

As a final thought, I just want to say, I would LOVE to offer up my items to all of you for purchase, but before I would ever make that "leap," I would want to BE SURE that I was able to follow through with fulfilling your requests, without disappointment.  If I cannot give my ALL (for fear of stretching myself faaar too thin), then I will simply wait until I am able to do so, in order to ensure YOUR satisfaction.  :)  ...that's just how I "roll!"  ;) 

Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time! 

Blessings to one and all,
~Morgan ♥

Sunday, January 8, 2012

LOVE Is In The Air! ~Inspired Valentines Stockings~

Good Sunday afternoon, my Prim Friends!  I know it's been quite a while since I've stopped by and said, "Hey!" but I finally had a chance to get started on Valentine's goodies, and am ready to share the first of the finished for 2012.  :)

I am taking today to craft away (among a few other things), but before I get busy doing so, I wanted to be sure to share these Valentine's Stocking Door Hangers with you.  

These stockings were inspired by a post from Tammy over at A Primitive Place during Christmastime.  Tammy shared a Dollar Tree craft she came up with after discovering these adorable fur-topped, long Christmas socks, and I just couldn't help myself!  I ran right out, and hit 3 or 4 Dollar Trees before I was lucky enough to "hap" upon the LAST four pair, hanging in an odd spot, just as I was about to give up finding any at all.  I got them home, grubbied them up, and then completely went blank.  I didn't want to copy Tammy's stockings, exactly, and knew I wanted to fill them with goodies, etc, but I just couldn't come up with something I was happy with, so,  ...I set them aside, knowing it'd come to me, eventually, and what do ya know?  AFTER Christmas had come and gone, and I was pondering Valentines Day ideas, it hit me!  VALENTINES STOCKINGS!!! YES!

To see the socks as they look straight from the Dollar Tree please click the link above to Tammy's post from "A Primitive Place" blog, as I tried an image search and even the Dollar Tree website for a factory photo, but no luck. 

So, here they are... My Valentines Stockings, complete with handmade heart pillows, red/silver glittery floral pieces, moss and red pip-berries.  Finished off with grubby tag with handwritten Valentine sentiment and stamp, rusty safety pin and bell, and dusted generously with olde fashioned mica glitter.  Twisted rusty wire hanger attached on back for hanging.