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~God give me work, till my life shall end And life, till my work is done. ~Epitaph of W.H.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Carrots!

Good Morning!  I hope everyone's Saturday is starting off right!  Personally, I was a little disgruntled with waking up to no sunshine today, but I'm keeping a positive outlook, knowing that because of it, I will be hitting the craft table a little bit later on.  *wink*

For this post, I wanted to share one of my recent finished projects with you.  Not long ago, I showed off my first ever bunches of carrots I'd put together.  Well, they did very well at the shoppe, and so I made some more, but did a few things differently.  These ones, I tied off at the top with some twine, and then added a variety of different types of bows & knots to gather the bunches up.  Oh, and I also did two different types of tops on them.  I did some in the green moss, like my first ones, and did the others with a darker green "grass" I picked up in the Easter section at Goodwill.  I'm liking these bunches so much better than the first, and so did my daughter, who helped me get them finished up.  :)

So, how do you like them?

I will return later to share another finished project.

See ya soon!

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