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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Then and Now - The Reveal

Okay, so in my last post, I gave you a "sneak peek" at what was in store for sometime later today, and I'm ready to show you what I did.

It's not "perfect," and it shows.  It's far from professional, but...  IT'S MINE!  And it's my first big piece, so I'm kinda-sorta liking it- A LOT!  Okay, I L♥VE it!

And here it is:
Back in December, this was the main piece to display our Christmas goodies.  Not much, not prim, but we had to make do!  It's ALL we had for a short while!  lol

And...  AFTER!

Whatcha' think?  I wish I had a *before* shot of the old bookcase that was there in it's place...  Wait- I think I actually do have one...


I much prefer my imperfect "make-over" shelf unit vs. the old!  :D

And did you notice anything?  A few days ago, I showed you the Jar Nests that I made "for keeps."  Did you see their new home?  I'll help ya out with some closer up shots.  *wink*

YAY!!!  ...they are likin' their new home.  I can tell, cuz they're standing there so tall, pretty, and proud -Lookin' GOOD!  :D

That's all for now, friends!  See ya soon!


  1. Yep...noticed your awesome jar nests right away! and LOVE the black! Great re-do by you! ~*~Lisa

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    Wauw...what a lovely blog.
    I follow your blog.
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