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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Autumn... the Season to "Fall" For

Good Morning, Prim Friends!  Today, I have some Fall goodies to share with you that I'm really excited about.  This year is my first experience with prim fall crafting, and I'm having tons of fun!  I only have a handful of items to show you at the moment, but have so many more ideas in the works, so... stay tuned!  :D

This week, I've been trying my hand at dried oranges and lemons, and I've just been making small batches each day, so that I can build up my supply in order to have plenty on hand throughout the upcoming Holiday Seasons.  I'm definitely going to pick up a bag of apples just for drying, as well!  These oranges and lemons smell SO WONDERFUL!  After I have a batch dried out, I simply place them in a ziplock bag, add cinnamon sticks, and sprinkle with a dab more cinnamon powder.  (I also add cinnamon to the oranges while they are drying in the oven).  Then, I shake the bag up really well, and pour out into my container.  Here is one jar I've completed, another is in the works.  I picked up two of these really neat German jars at Goodwill last week, for HALF OFF $4, which is usually more than I'm willing to spend, but the jars were too FAB to pass up.  The lids of these jars are inscribed with the words, "Rillenglas Ankerglas" with a cute little anchor pictured in the center.  I tried Googling the jars to find out more about them, but had little luck-can't even find any on eBay-h'mmmm...

The next things I have to show you are a few diddy bags that I made up a little while back.  They've been sitting around just waiting for me to add their finishing touches, and I FINALLY came up with a couple of ideas I'm really pleased with.  The first two I made into Candle Keeps.  I hand-stitched "Bless this Home" on one, and "Welcome Friends on another, and of course, they got a grubby bath.  Then I added some dry sticks, cinnamon-scented branches and red pip berries.  They can be hung on pegs or set up on a gathering shelf, or just wherever.  :)

 And finally, here are the last three ditty bags I have done up.  These are large and I decided to turn them into Flour, Sugar, and Tea Sacks.  I used an old ivory/white calico printed material for the sacks, and added a natural prim twine rope (can't think of the name of this at the moment) for their tie-offs, grubbied 'em up, and stuffed them.  Then I simply attached a burlap "label" to each, and finished them off with long, "messy" natural raffia bows.  I LOVE these, and trust me, the pictures do them no justice.  They are just IT, in person.  I'm going to have a hard time parting with them, but have promised myself a set in the near future.  hehe  :D

You can really see the white calico on ivory print of the sacks in this picture.  The "Tea" bag on your left shows it well.

Well, that about rounds it up-for now!  I've got some "new" olde wooden bowls waiting to be painted up purdy and distressed, along with some other projects.  I'm going to do the bowls in Fall colors this time.  My last set of Spring-colored and Americana bowls all sold out!  Yay!

I shall return soon with more goodies to share!  Thanks to all who've "stood by" me, during my absence.  I've got the creative-bug fever again, and am on a roll!  

Happy Thursday, Y'all!  :D

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