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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nothin' Ever Happens Quite the Way We Plan...

Go figure!
So, I know I stopped in here a couple of days ago (or was it more like 3 days ago?) and told everyone to "Keep a Look-Out" for some new Fall stuff, right?  Yeah, I know I did.  

After I downloaded a few pics, then tried to upload them, I discovered they were not filed in my Picasa program, as they usually are, automatically.  So...  Of course, I couldn't have that happening, and decided to wait until I got it all figured out and fixed.  I absolutely refused to resort to another route, when the process has always worked a certain way, up 'til now.  (I'm stubborn like that). 


The next day (yesterday), I HAD to sit down and take care of 2 weeks, plus, of coupon clipping.  (YES, I am also a couponer, among countless other "self-proclaimed titles" and that's part of my problem-always trying to do a GAZILLION things at once-UGH).  So, anyway, what I thought would take only a couple of hours, max, to clip and file away in my binder, took more like 5-5  1/2 hours!  And that was with my eldest daughter's help!  0_0  Bless her heart... if it weren't for her, I'd probably still be sorting, stapling, clipping, and filing.  BLAH!  

Needless to say, I've got no other crafting done since Monday, and even then I didn't complete ALL that I had set out to accomplish!  Since I did accomplish some things, though, I'm not gonna wine too much more.  ;)

Today, was just plum BUSY, with ALL CAPS!  lol  However, I do have some pics to show you.  Yes, I figured out the Picasa mess, and am a Happy Camper now.  :D  For this post, I'll just share the other German Glass Jar I finished, and then in the post to follow, I will share a couple of other goodies.  Tomorrow, I PLAN to get some more crafting done, and will HOPEFULLY be back again then (or the next day) to share some more.  :)

So, here's the 2nd glass jar/lid I finished up on Monday.   It is also filled with my homemade dried lemons & oranges and cinnamon sticks.  (I call the mix, "Cinnamon-Spiced Citrus." ...kinda "catchy"-I like it!)

See ya soon!

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