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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Fall Goodies n STUFF

Okay, I'm back!  I have to make this post fairly quick, as hubby decided to get a moo-vie from RedBox tonight, and he's adamant about what time to start watching!  LOL  

So, here goes, real quick.  These are a couple of projects that I've finished up after I dipped all them candles the other day.  Both the wooden "scoop/shovel" thingy and the wall sconces were GW finds.  And OF COURSE, I forgot to get "before" pictures of either.  They were both pretty much a light-med stained color, like most wood pieces you find second-hand.  I gave them both a base of black, sanded, and "distressed" them.  I didn't finish them off with the walnut stain, because they just looked perfect to me just the way they turned out.  :)

I filled the scoop/shovel (I've got to learn the name of that darn thing) with a bit of yellowy-green-brown moss, and POPCORN, then added 3 of my dirty/grubby votives!  I thought the yellow popcorn would look very "Fall-y" and really like how it turned out.  Then I finished it off with a grubbied-up strip of brown floral fabric, replacing the original leather strip that hung from the handle.  

The sconces I painted and distressed in the same manner.  Then I painted up a couple of thin prim wood stars I had on hand with a yellow mustard color.  I rubbed a little almost dry walnut stained cloth over the stars to make them look a bit "smoke smudged" and finally glued them onto the sconces with wood glue.  These were originally taper candle-holders, but I removed the small candle holder from each sconce so that some grubby votives could sit in their place.  

(Note* one sconce is shown with grubby votive and one without.  I had to balance the sconces just so in order to get the pics to work out right where the items sat.  The sconce on the right would've fallen over if I tried to put the weight of the votive on top).  :P

So, here are those items:
(please excuse the MANY pics...  you know me!  --->SO indecisive!)

And lastly, here is my lil' "For Keeps" goodie!  My "Cinnamon-Spiced Citrus" sitting in an olde' wooden dough bowl atop my very "chippy" coffee table in the living room.  ;)

That's all again, until next time!  Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by!  See ya again soon!!!

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