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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pantry Cakes Smell SOOO Good!

Good Sunday morning, Friends!  It's beautiful, cool, and rainy here in the Pacific Northwest, and I couldn't be happier than a pig wallerin' in mud!  :D  Well, on second thought, actually, I could be happier... if only instead of drizzly rain, it was a nice rain storm, with a lil' thunder and lightning...  now, then I would be as happy, but this weather will surely do!  *wink*

I have quite a few things on my "To Do" list today, including getting several more fabric pun'kins made up, and I'm not real sure what other crafting I may conquer, but hopefully I'll either complete or start something else.  H'mmm...

Currently, I'm fixin' up a batch of Organic Cinnamon/Vanilla Spiced French Toast, topped off with my "famous" homemade syrup, for all the heathens, children.  *wink*  And later today, I sure hope to find time to whip up four more loaves of zucchini bread.  I can always have my Rainy take care of that- she likes to bake as well, and that'll give me a lil' more time at the crafting table, etc.

Well, I should get on with the real purpose of this post: to share my latest YUMMY pantry cakes.  Of course, by "yummy" I do not mean "to the tummy."  These are strictly for "decorative" purposes only, however, boy! do they smell DELICIOUS!  :)  Most of them are simply "Cinnamon Spiced" scent, but there are also a few that are "Hazelnut/Cinnamon Spiced."  I really loved how the finished product turned out, after decorating them up a bit.  ...I sure hope they do well at the shoppe!

So, on with the Pantry Cakes, already, right!?

Honestly, I know the cakes have a "Christmas-y" feel to them, but I really think they "qualify" for year-round decor.  Then again an "afterthought," I wonder if I'm just trying to convince myself of that, or if I really do actually believe it?  H'mmm...  I cannot decide- GO FIGURE!  0_o

Thank you for stopping by, and I'll be doing the same again real soon!  Happy Sunday!  May yours be peaceful and blessed.  ♥


  1. How do you make these...they are beautiful!!!

  2. Laurianne, there are actually several recipes for these wonderful lil' cakes all over. Just do a quick internet search on "[Primitive]Pantry Cakes" and you're sure to find one that's to your liking/convenience. If you have any trouble finding, just let me know, and I can send you a couple of different links. ;)

    For a more "custom" scent (like the Hazelnut I used for some of these), you can choose a "flavored" coffee of your choice, and I've found the dry grounds are just as good as using wet. I've used both- no problem. If I have used grounds from the coffee pot, I'll use those, and if not, I'll use them in the recipe straight from the container/bag. Doesn't seem to matter either way. :)

    If you make any, please do share, and have fun! You'll love them! Easy-Peasy!



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