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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Special Gifts from Very Special Friends... and Rag Eggs

Hey, all- I'm back!  I only have a few minutes, but I've been dying to get in here to share a couple of gifts I received over the past week.  

First, I'd like to show you what my bestie, our very own Miranda, had been up to for a couple of days last week.  While *I* thought she was going to town on a stitchery for her bedroom, this is what she was really up to:
 ...a belated birthday gift for me!
 Isn't it FABULOUS! 
 Thank you, AGAIN, gURL-I ♥ U!  It's just BEAUTIFUL!

Then, would you ever guess?  I got a second belated birthday gift just last Friday from one of my dear, sweet besties, Christina.  I'd have never guessed what was in that box!  She couldn't have picked a better gift...not that she even had to, but I'm sure glad she did!  

Check THIS out!
 Cake Decorating Tips Kit!
 So, now my secret is out...
One of my ~dream~ jobs is to be a cake decorator!
Now I have some tools to practice!  hehe
Thank you, Christina!  I truly L♥VE my gift, and I love you, too!  :)

I have the most wonderful, thoughtful besties!  
Now, the last thing I have to share is just some rag eggs that we did up last night.  Miranda made up the last bunch, but they've all sold out down at the shoppe, so my daughter and I wrapped these ones up last night.  
Here they have just been "grubbied" and are on the cookie sheet/foil to dry.  I'll share "finished" pics once they are in their "places."  I have to wait for them to dry... sure hope they hurry up, and do just that!

Alrighty then!  That is it for tonight.  Have a very relaxing evening, and I'll be seein' ya soon!


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  1. Oh~ the eggies came out SOOOO cute! I just LOVE them! I think I NEED some too! :P ~ Miranda


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