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Saturday, April 2, 2011

FAB FINDS Friday... on a Saturday.

Hello again, friends!  As promised yesterday, here are the photos of the vintage magnets and old Avon necklace I picked up yesterday on the "10 cent table" at St. Vincent De' Paul.

I know they're not "prim" or anything like that, but they *are* dirty and need a washin', so let's call them "Grubby Magnets" for right now.  hehe  ;)
Oh, and by the way--- I had this very Avon necklace when I was a girl, which is really what drove me to snag it up.  It was probably given to me by one of my grandmother's or aunts, I can't quite remember, but I do believe it is the exact chain that I had on mine, too, which is super KEWL!  I know there are a lot of collectors out there, and someone just may not be able to pass it up at the I couldn't pass it up on the 10-cent table!  *wink*

I really just love this necklace, and how about that...goose?  I ♥ it!
I think the skunk may be my most favorite magnet of the bunch.
I really should've aimed for a better pic of him...  sigh...
 Kinda gotta love that Koala and those kitties too, huh?
 Okay, so the puppy and the bunny are really great too...but the skunk is still my fave... I think. 

 I'm not big on clowns-never have been-but I have to admit, this one's got something about him.  It's probably because I know he's my husband!  LOL  *wink*  Oopsies-I just couldn't help myself!  hehe  Anyway, this is my eldest son's fave. 
Well, that is all for now.  I must get din-din started.  I am going for "simple supper" tonight, and going to whip up a turkey salad from our leftover turkey dinner last night, and we'll have that on those yummy lil' Euro pocket sandwich bread thingies.  Not real sure what else to go with 'em, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.  :)

Have a super duper wonderfully relaxing and snuggly evening with your families!

~Morgan♥ (and Miranda♥ too!)  :)

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