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Friday, April 8, 2011

'Tis TIME! It's FAB FINDS Friday!!!

Hello, FAB Friends!  Are you ready for FAB FINDS Friday?

I loathe having to come in here so much later in the day, but boy! I just can't seem to do WHAT I WANT ... WHEN I WANNA!  LOL  ...and so it goes when you have four very busy children all at home, right?  *wink*

So, with that said, here are our FAB FINDS for the week!  Again, not sure which photos I'll choose, so I may very well pick 'em all!  ...I'll try not to, though.  Who wants to see the same things over and over, only from a slightly different angle, right?  hehe

 Not sure what my favorite find was, but that stack of wooden bowls made me very happy!  :D

 This basket is absolutely TO DIE FOR!
(okay, maybe not to "DIE" for, but pretty darn FAB!... just look at that extra long handle-perfect!)
 Not sure if those are coasters, or hot pads, but they are "filled" with something and they smell oh! so! yummy! -like cinnamon spices.  I think you could use them for your mug of hot coffee/tea/cocoa and they'd just scent up the air so nicely. (Miranda and I can surely make these ourselves, so we are definitely planning on it.) 
 SCORED on the FAB wood bowl here- 59 cents!

Okey dokey!  Thanks again for stopping by!  We both wish you a super wonderful weekend!  
God Bless...


ps-I did not choose every photo I had this time!  hehe  *wink*

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