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Friday, April 15, 2011

It's FAB FINDS Friday Again!

Good evening, friends!  I know there's not been a whole lotta postin' goin' on this past week, and I apologize, but honestly it's just been a trying one.  I really aim to post at least every other day or so, but things just haven't been workin' in my favor, and I suppose "in reality" that's just the way it'll go sometimes.  Real life obligations and responsibilities must come first.  As they say, "Work before the play!"  (I think I might've said that before...)

Anyway, on a lighter note, it is Friday, and we all know what that means!  It's time to show off this week's FAB FINDS!  We didn't really get much running around done this week, but did manage to find some last minute goodies today, after we took a trip to the shoppe and discovered we needed more rag eggs---THEY ALL SOLD OUT!  Yay!!!  :D   

Before the photos, I'd like to mention that I am learning a LOT about really needing to "get" while the gettin' is good.  We've been purchasing our plastic eggs from the Dollar Tree, 18 pks for a buck, which is great, BUT! when Goodwill  first started putting out their Spring/Easter things, they had TONS and TONS of those big plastic bags they use for "bulk" sales -FULL of donated plastic eggs.  I never even thought to grab some, until today.  Two G.W.'s later, and wouldn't ya know it -GONE!  The story of my life...always a day late and a dollar short!  LOL  Anyway, it's a learn as you go lesson (among the many more to come, I'm sure) that I shall not soon forget.  *wink*

And...on with those photos already!  :)

 We found another ADORABLE wire bunny!
(this one includes some rust)  *smile*
 A couple of ceramic figurines for "revamping." 
 My favorite finds were all these great fabric scraps.  *Don't forget to "clic the pic" to a close up* Some bigger, some smaller, but PERFECT for tearing up for rag balls, rag eggs, and for tying around grubby jars, etc.  :)
 A handful of mini baskets, perfect nesting places for some rag eggs.  *wink*

 Oh!  And can't forget the mini pillar candles!

I know I went a lil' "wild" on the fabric photos, but they are all so pretty!  I even managed to get a vintage Strawberry Shortcake print that was hidden in the bunch.  I ♥ Strawberry Shortcake!

Once again, that 'tis all for now!  We wish you a very wonderful and happy weekend!


ps~ If all goes well, we should be back before the weekend is up to share finished projects, even if just a few-they will be Spring related!   

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