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Friday, April 1, 2011

What a Day! What a Day!

Good evening, friends!  It's been quite the fun-filled day around here, and a very busy one at that.  After trying my hand at some homemade blueberry scones with lemon glaze that came out quite well I have to say, I headed down to the shoppe to get the ladybugs dropped off, and get a one-day only sale sign posted in our booth for the BIG 1-Year Anniversary Event for the Exhibitors Boutique & Trellis Cafe-CONGRATS, CHERYL!  :D  

While there, I shared some scones in celebration, and got a few great shots of Cheryl, the lovely owner, with some of the other fabulous ladies who help run things 'round there.

My first scones-Blueberry with Lemon Glaze.  They were so yummy! 
Just a few of the very Lovely and Oh-So-Fun ladies of the Boutique...
That'd be THE One and ONLY Miss Cheryl, owner of the Boutique, there on far right, in her SMASHING mustard jacket!

After my lil' visit at the Boutique, I made a "pit stop" at one of our favorite 2nd-hand stores and found some great vintage magnets to add to our grubby ole' cookie sheet that needs some replenishing.
(Sorry friends, pics of those have to wait 'til tomorrow).

Then it was off to Federal Way with hubby, who HAD to go to Infotech...the computer geek store.  *wink*  And THEN it was rush to the dollar tree, because I just HAD to pick up some mini planting pots, stickers, pinwheels, flower bulbs, and seed starter, so all the kids (my eldest was babysitting one of my girlfriends' three kiddos, and my youngest had a playdate scheduled) could have fun decorating pots and planting bulbs to celebrate Spring.


Yes, it was a really busy, rush around day.  I cannot believe it's after 9 pm now.  I am so not planning anything "exciting" this weekend...unless "lazing" around the house sounds as exciting to you as it does to me!  *wink*  Yes, I shall laze, and I shall probably even graze...on more scones!  I think I will even craft some... in between my lazing and grazing.  :)

Night, friends.  Sorry there was no "FAB FINDS Friday" today on this end, but tomorrow I'll get some pics of those magnets.  They are nothing to sit on the edge of your seat about, but I thought they were adorable, and since they were obviously vintage, too, I knew they'd be worth the 10 cents a piece I paid for 'em.  ;) 

Anyway, if YOU have any "FAB FINDS" that you picked up this week, we'd LOVE to see whatcha' got!  :D
Until sometime later... soon, though...  this weekend, I'm sure...

See ya next time!
This is ~Morgan, signing off!
(As for Miranda?  She is always here, in spirit, but physically-in "real life"- she best be lazing, getting the rest she needs in order to heal properly from her recent surgery).  ;)

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