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~God give me work, till my life shall end And life, till my work is done. ~Epitaph of W.H.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Are You Ready?

Good evening friends.  I truly, honestly, PROMISE YOU! that I didn't mean to make you wait all day, but it seems that the little cold that started coming on yesterday, has turned into a full blown ICKY-YUCKA kinda cold!  It's been progressing all day, and earlier this afternoon, I started getting achy all over.  UGH!  Every ache and ick is getting worse by the minute, and I sure hope this doesn't turn into the flu I managed to dodge when everyone else came down with it a month or so ago...  Anyway- due to my slower-than-a-snail self today, I didn't get any pictures until late in the day, sorry.  Miranda and I did manage to get some ladybugs stuffed, and sewn up in the last part of this afternoon, so hopefully I'll feel up to getting them painted over the weekend, so they'll be ready for display at the shoppe sometime next week.  

Enough of my whining already, seriously- (I can do that, after I'm snugged up on the sofa later, veggin' out with the family and a moo-vie, when I might need a drink...or something).  ;) 

So, are you ready for the "reveal?"  I hope it was worth the wait.  Miranda and I think so, but the proof is in the pudding and YOU are the pudding!  hehe

Just to "recap," here is yesterdays "hint" photo:

Now, for the "make-over" reveal!
Ta-daaaaaaaa!!!  Sooo...whacha' think?  I REALLY wish we had some prim stencils, but until we decide to "spluge" more, we'll have to stick to free-handing our stars, hearts, and whatsits. 

Well, it's that time again...I'm beat, and I MUST get some rest.  The play/school/CRAFT?-room will have to remain "AS IS" until the morning!  I just don't have the energy for a "clean-up" time.  Hey!  I did get my desk area all nice and purdy, dusted, organized and rearranged today, though. least I was somewhat productive.  :0)

Sweet Dreams~


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