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Friday, March 18, 2011

Changing it up...I think

Just a quick lil' note here to let ya'll know that I (Morgan) am not IN LOVE with our blog layout, or background, to be more precise.  Don't get me wrong, the creator's did a FAB job on this background, and it's wonderful, but really, it's just not "comfy/cozy" to me.  Not the "feel" I get when I think of prims, handmades, and such.  I want that warm, cozy feel, and I'm just gonna keep at it until I got it.  Or at least until it's a step closer.  I'm sure I'll change things up often until it's ...Juuuuuuuuust right!  ;)  It is terribly difficult to find many prim backgrounds out there in blog background world, that's for sure.  

Anyhow, in the event you pop in and things are looking "funny," it's only me, playing with different backgrounds and elements.  Nevermind me---I'm just BORED, and must "play."  :)

That's all!
~Morgan ♥

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