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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Okay, I know-it's not Friday.  But, I just couldn't wait a whole 'nother day, and besides, I really like the title, "Fab Finds Friday," so, you'll just have to 1)pretend it's Friday, 2)read this again tomorrow (and act like it's your first time), OR 3) you can simply accept my "I couldn't wait" mentality and just ignore the whole "Friday/Thursday" bit.  hehe  ;)

So, I'm thinking how fun it would be to have a weekly post to show off any "Fab Finds" we picked up that week, if any.  And yes, preferably on Fridays (just makes sense). ;)  We'll aim for the "right day" -Friday- starting NEXT week!  But this week is different, and you already know why (we established that in the first paragraph).  ;) On top of that, how much funner would it be if everyone could participate and post THEIR finds, as well?  :D  I love the idea!  Whatd'ya think?  Any other second-hand treasure hunters care to join in the fun of sharing your FAB FINDS?

I'll start.  Here are some FAB FINDS that I picked up today, while the hubby and I went ...gallivanting!  :D

...the woood spoon/spork thingies were half off!  I paid a whopping 50 cents for 'em.  Aren't they CUTE!?  They are like JUMBO size! L♥ve 'em!

This picture was TO DIE FOR, for me.  Even though it wasn't 1/2 off (which I'd normally pass up if it wasn't), I just couldn't help myself.  It's...FAB!

I also HAD to HAVE this Smuckers jelly tin-ADORABLE!

Look at all these candles!  I made out with 3 bags, STUFFED full of votives, and a great set of shorter tapers-all in excellent condition!  99 cents, or as Miranda and I always say, "Days jus nine-nine cent!"  :D

GORGEOUS Handled basket!  Perfect condition!

 And look at THESE babies!  Aren't they beautiful!?
They are also in excellent condition and I love the wood rims and side handles!

 And look at THIS!!!  Of course, I saved THE BEST, for last.  ;)  I was so excited about my bag of buttons find, that I got 'em all in my jar right away, before realizing I still needed to get pictures.  They do look much more fabulous in the ole' blue Ball jar, btw-so no harm done.  ;)
 An elderly gentlemen saw all the buttons in my cart, and asked me where I found them.  He was kicking himself in the rear for not having beat me to them.  hehe  ;)

I just can't wait 'til Miranda get's home and sees what I found!

How about you?  We'd love to see your treasures!

Until next time-thanks for reading!



  1. Looks like it was a good day of shopping for you!! Fun finds alright!! :)

  2. Wow. You guys had a great shopping day. Love the buttons and yes, they do look pretty in the jar. Have a wonderful weekend you two. We love that you are two best friends, (like us) making your dreams come true! (like us)


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