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Monday, March 7, 2011

Potluck Meeting Night!

It's time for the monthly potluck meeting tonight at the Boutique! We always look forward to the first Monday of every month, as it's the one day we are surely getting "out and about" for a couple of hours-with no hassles! hehe What a great time with food and treats, surrounded by the good company of those who love to get crafty, and a wonderful opportunity to get to know some of the "veterans" and meet the newest members of "the family" as well. :)  Of course there's the business end of the gathering, too, discussing upcoming events, deadlines, preparing for new seasons and/or upcoming holidays, and addressing any questions, problems or concerns where there might be any, but the "business" part is pretty darn fun, too, so it's all good!  YES! We LOVE Potluck Meeting Night!

Miranda and I haven't been at the craft table as often as we both had anticipated over the past few days, due to one reason or another, but the shoppe is pretty darn full of newer things we've recently taken in, so we're not necessarily in a HUGE rush to pump out a ton of new stuff, but we do both suffer from "crafting withdrawals" if  too much time goes by without "gettin' jiggy" with the glue guns, or whatnot, so with that said, I'm thinking that there will be several (at least a few) afternoons, this week, devoted to some creative time!

Meanwhile, we did manage to finish up a pair of wall sconces that we recently picked up on one of our bargain hunting adventures, and they came out so great!  They started off as mirrored sconces-plain, and like an oak wood color, but we changed them up by removing the mirrors, and adding some fabric pieces to them instead...following the painting, sanding, and aging job we did on them...OF COURSE!  *wink*  Finished them off with a couple of rusty tin stars and... well, here they are!

Miranda mentioned that they are "beach-y" looking, which I realized once she pointed it out, BUT, they are still "prim" and "rustic" and that is what's important, right?  :0)  I think they could "go" either way-they would look FABULOUS in a rustic beach-house setting.  What do you think?

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