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Monday, March 21, 2011

We're Spring Cleaning!

Ironically (or is it so ironic?) Sunday, which was -officially- the first day of Spring, I decided that the kids and I would take our Spring Break this week, and start our Spring cleaning.  I know, some "break" for them, huh?  Oh well-that's Life.  There's a time and a place for everything, and what better time than the first week of Spring to get this house back in order?  I have to say, if anyone actually walked in my house -right now- they'd surely think some sort of whirlwind swept through just about every room, and might even have a difficult time believing there was any kind of cleaning or organizing going on, but I assure you, 'tis happening, and I couldn't be more amped about the whole thing...even if my house does look like a wreck at the moment.  By the end of this week, not only will everything be spic-n-span, but THIS momma will be on cloud nine, knowing everything is back in order, once again.  :D

We were a bit wore out after a long day, yesterday, spent on yard work out front, and on part of one side of the house, so we got a little bit later start this morning in the cleaning department than I'd planned on, but nevertheless, we accomplished quite a bit today. I am pleased to announce that I cleaned out mine and hubby's double closet and both dressers, my eldest daughter and I cleaned out all of her and my youngest daughter's closet and drawers, including boxes and bags of clothing stashed under the lil' one's bed, and my two boys went through all their clothing as well.  The two youngest also cleaned out their stuffed animal "collection" without a second thought (have to catch 'em at just the right time to get cooperation in the ridding of stuffed animals area and, lucky for me, today was that "right time" -YES!).  After all the closets and dressers were finished, I hit both the hall coat closet, and the hall linen closet.  Between all the closets, and dressers, and "stashes" under my lil' one's bed, we managed to FILL 3 1/2 lawn and garden bags, plus a regular 13 gallon kitchen garbage bag FULL-FULL-FULL of clothing, some shoes, and several stuffed animals, most of which is being donated to a local church that, in turn, donates the items to a local provider for the recently homeless seeking work, etc., and the remainder set aside for Goodwill.  Aside from those accomplishments, I was also able to get all the boys' bedding and curtains washed, dried, and returned, AND I got my dining room tab-tops washed and hung back up to air dry!  WHEW!  We are definitely on a roll, and I LIKE IT!  I LIKE IT-A LOT!  :D

So, while this Prim ~n~ Proper mommy is on a "Cleaning Sabbatical," our other Prim ~n~ Proper mommy (Miranda) is (and has been) preparing for surgery that takes place in less than 2 days, which will have her laid up for...well, neither of us are real sure for exactly how long, but for couple of weeks, at least, we're suspecting.  If she's up any sooner than that, her duties will be limited and "light", that much we do know.  So, again, no better time like the present to take care of some around the house business and extra chores, right?  

Well, that about wraps this one up, folks!  I really just wanted you to know what us Prim ~n~ Proper gals had been up to over the past few days.  Notta whole lotta craftin' goin' on right now, but we'll be back in the swing of things after our lil' "Spring Things" Break is up.  I expect I'll have Miss Miranda over here craftin' again in a week or so, and until things are "up to par" on both sides of our street (we're neighbors ya know-*wink*), I'll do my best to pop in *hopefully* on a daily basis to keep ya'll up to date.  (You didn't know I was a Southern Girl at heart, did ya?  ...I was born to it... :D ).

Once again...Until next time...

Night, YA'LL!  ;)

♥Morgan ~n~ Miranda♥

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