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Saturday, March 26, 2011

"The Back Room"

Rather recently, the ladies down at the Boutique came up with a wonderful idea and they created a great lil' spot inside that has become known as "The Back Room."  It is a nice-sized space just off the end of the first isle (in the back) as you enter the main entrance.  This area is filling up fast with loads of fabulous prim and shabby vintage, antique, and many other "aged" items.  Looks like pure HEAVEN back there.  There are old chairs, cabinets, steamer trunks, pictures, knick-knacks, lamps, shelves, even dolls-you name it!  The old hand-painted shabby chic bistro set that Miranda and I acquired from a very sweet friend (Thanks again, Jodye!) during the holidays is even sitting pretty back there, too.  Today, I took a quick trip down there with hubby to drop off another item for the back room, and got some pictures of it and the bistro set.  I'm just glad to have remembered my camera since we hadn't gotten ANY pictures of that lil' table and chair yet.  Oops!  Meanwhile, I did get additional photos of the back room while we were there.  I'll share.  :)

Here's what I took down today-another "Fab Find" we picked up no more than 2 weeks ago.  :)
1992 "Vermont Cow" 'signed' print from Warren Kimble
(Oh, I shall be keepin' my eyes out for any and all of this famous artist's prim folk art-L♥VE his works!)

And here is our "inherited" shabby bistro set
Hand-painted!  Isn't she a beauty?  It's all rusted and weathered and everything-Love it!
Oh!  And just a lil' can click on any of the pics to see a much enlarged view-for details!  :)

(sorry, I just didn't know which pics to use, so... I used 'em all!)

And finally, here are some shots of this and that from "The Back Room."  Ya gotta love this space!

I'm dying to make one of those flags from an old palette.

My hubby wants that old fan.  LOL

Thinkin' I really need that old quilt...  h'mmmm

I love this bike with the basket and flowers...

I really want this piece...AND the red barn bird house sitting there.  :)

Lovin' that ironing board!

That is NOT me!  I swear!  I do NO "crimp" my nose and face up like that when taking pictures!  ...I DON'T!  hehehe

Okay, 'tis all for today, folks.  Thanks for taking the time!
See ya again real soon!

Your "Grubby" Friends, 
♥Morgan ~n~ Miranda♥

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